When it comes to preparing for an interview there are many different things to consider in order to give you the best chance of getting the job, over the coming weeks we will provide various different blogs giving helpful techniques that can be applied to phone, Skype and face to face interviews.

When discussing interviews techniques, the first thing you must consider is preparing accordingly for the interview.  There are various steps you should take in order to do this, such as doing background research on the company, thoroughly read the job description, practice practice practice and knowing where to go.

Firstly, background research of the company is vital! This will not only benefit you throughout your interview but will also give you an insight into the company objectives and what they look for in their employees.

You are also preparing yourself for any questions that they could ask you during the interview as they will be no doubt ask you what you have heard about the company? And why did you choose them? These are all opportunities to show that you have done your research.

Now that you have reached the interview stage of your job search I am assuming you have already read the job description and feel that you are well suited to the role, however there is no harm in rereading this and seeing where your skills and qualifications can be related. The job description is there for a reason; your interviewer will be referring back to it throughout the interview and will querying how you can relate it to yourself and any previous experience, be prepared for this! Take note of the skills and qualifications they have listed and find where they correlate to yourself, this is also good practice for selling yourself which is what you should be doing constantly throughout the interview.

Practice is key for any interview; it would be unrealistic to think you could attend any interview without any prior research or practice of questions. A good way of doing this is writing down questions that you feel they could ask, or questions that you feel you would struggle to answer. Typically people will always give generic answers to certain questions, you don’t want to do this! You want to be remembered for being different and original, not for saying the same thing as everyone else!

Finally, although this may seem obvious you will be surprised how many people will not plan a route to the interview, don’t be this person! There is no worse first impression than that of you turning up late. Plan your route days in advance, even test it out one day to see how long it takes you, give yourself extra time to get there. Any interviewer would rather you turned up early to an interview than be late. You need to remember that your first interview stage is something they will be referring back to when they are making their final decision, you want to make it memorable, for all the right reasons.


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