Whether you are having a career change, or looking for your first job straight out of school or university, finding the right job be a daunting prospect for many people. With so many different options to consider when choosing a career you can feel that there is added pressure to get it right first time. We have come up with a few simple, easy steps for you to consider when narrowing down your job search.

With thousands of careers choices to choose from it is difficult to narrow them down straight away and find one that you know you will love or be suited to best. One of the only ways to overcome this issue is to do as much research as possible. Although this may seem like an obvious thing to do when narrowing down your search, this small and simple task will help a lot with making the daunting process of searching for a job a lot easier.

Firstly, narrow down your search with a list of jobs that you would initially consider, read over their job descriptions and list the ones that you feel not only suit your experience but your qualifications and most importantly your personality. When doing this you may even come across careers you had never originally considered, don’t panic if this is the case its normal there will always be jobs you wont have considered or even thought about before you begin your search.

Now that you have narrowed down your search with a list of prospective jobs you now need to delve further into the jobs descriptions, and match them to your expectations. This is the time when you need to make realistic choices, such as; do your qualifications match what they need? Does the job role match any expectations you may have – if you are looking for a typical 9-5 job don’t choose a career where you will have targets and deadlines to meet or a job that doesn’t necessarily end at your desk at 5 o’clock. Does the job role suit your personality?  There is no point in choosing a sales job that requires you to be confident and extrovert if you are introvert in character.

Once you have narrowed down your options for a career the final step will be making a decision, the chances are you will come across numerous jobs that you are interested in pursuing, but it is all about making the decision that is right for you at the time. Although this can be a daunting prospect and ideally you would like to make right decision first time round, you can always change your mind.  There are endless career options for people to consider many of which will be suited to yourself.


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