One of the most nerve-wracking interviews that you can do is a face-to-face interview; this is because you can’t hide behind a telephone or computer screen. Although face-to-face interviews can make you nervous, they can also work to your advantage too as meeting someone in person can mean conversation will flow easier, you can also go off visual cues when having a conversation, which can make it a lot easier.

Just like in any other interview preparation is key; in terms of research you will have conducted beforehand, your appearance and any expectations you may have.

Research the company thoroughly such as their ethos, products and reputation, this will give you an insight into the company and prepare you for what they could ask you. It is always best to go into an interview as prepared as possible, as it will only benefit you in the long run. Read over their website and job description and relate any key points or qualifications to yourself and how you will benefit the company.

When conducting your research you will want to make any notes that you feel will be relevant to your interview, keep any notes your make brief and easy to remember as you do not have the advantage of keeping your notes near you to keep referring to like you do with a telephone interview.

When attending a face-to-face interview you have to dress accordingly, general rule of thumb would be to dress up for every interview, wear a suit, shirt and tie and women should always aim to dress conservatively. How you appear during the interview is the first thing your interviewer will notice about you, and it will make a lasting impression, so make sure it’s the right one. If you are unsure of how to dress do not be afraid to ask when you are invited to the interview, this will only show that you are taking the position seriously and also want to impress.

Make sure you arrive on time for the interview, being late is almost as bad as not turning up at all! Make sure you know where you are going, plan your route and even practice if you have been given plenty of notice for your interview. This will only make everything on the day of your interview less stressful.

Throughout your interview, try to feel as calm as possible, remember to smile and make regular eye contact, speak clearly and be inquisitive. All these things may seem obvious but it will work in your favour as the more approachable you seem the more they will be able to relate to yourself.

One of the major ‘Don’ts’ during interviews is to ask about salaries or holidays. Never be one to bring this up, you don’t want to assume that you have the job within the interview; details of your salary and holidays will be finalised if you are offered the job. However if they do bring it up during the interview, be direct and answer truthfully, be honest about your employment history as this is something that cant be changed, so be realistic when answering any salary expectation questions, don’t go too high as this will eliminate you from the process out right, don’t go too low as you will be selling yourself short and will in turn be unhappy at work. You should know what to say to this question, as you will have conducted enough research to know what they expected salary is, otherwise the entire process will have been a waste of time.

When the interview is over, and you are interested in the position tell them so! How will they know otherwise? Make sure you know what the next steps are in the process, when will they have made a decision? And when will you hear from them?


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