Making the decision to change your job is one thing but making the decision to move countries as well as your job is a whole different thing. For many teachers this seems to be an option that they are considering more often, this could be for many reasons. It can be more of a rewarding opportunity depending on where you go, a chance to see the world and experience other cultures while also doing a job that they enjoy, what’s not to love?

More teachers left the UK last year to teach in international schools than qualified to become teacher through the university PGCE route.

On paper the decision could be an easy one for some teachers, moving to a different country, experiencing new cultures, meeting new people and hopefully better weather than the UK. However, for some the decision can be a difficult one since there are many different factors of you to consider when making an important decision like this.

The prospect of teaching abroad can be a daunting one and raises different questions for people to consider before they decide to make the move “What experience do I need?” “How different will it be compared to a UK school?” “What affect will it have on my family?”

Working abroad is a popular option for all experienced and qualified teachers and many would love the opportunity. The teachers it most appeals to are young, newly qualified teachers as they are less likely to have responsibilities that will hold them back. Teaching abroad means they get to broaden their experience of teaching straight away while also earning more money than they would in the UK. Relocation packages are typically very appealing in order to entice teachers to move. Although newly qualified teachers are generally going to have less responsibility to keep them within the UK, more experienced teachers often take the opportunity to work aboard too. Working abroad offers opportunities to experience working in different cultures, countries and with new challenge.

There are many benefits to working abroad for teachers, your flights are often reimbursed, your accommodation is usually included, your children can have access to a private education, insurances are included and the salaries earned abroad can be higher than what would you get in the UK. On average means teachers are able to save around 30%-50% of their monthly wage, and this is without considering tax implications.

While all these perks seem too good to be true, there are other things you have to consider such as, moving your entire life to a different country. There will be a culture shock and you will begin to doubt your decision to move at some point but this is normal. Depending your circumstances you will either be relocating your family with you, so you will have the added pressure of making sure they settle in ok as well as yourself, or you will be leaving your family behind and making the big step on your own. Either way this will be a difficult concept for anyone to consider doing.

For many teachers the thought of working abroad is a scary option and one that they would never be able to consider. However, for the adventurous and/or fed up moving abroad could be the perfect opportunity for you!



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