For many lecturers or instructors deciding on whether to work within training providers or FE Colleges can be a difficult decision, as although the end result is the same from both there are many differences in their approach to learning.

FE colleges encompass all post secondary schools study, excluding most higher education, although some is delivered through FE. This makes for a vast range of training and career possibilities for prospective FE teachers.

FE teachers can help people improve their qualifications, future job prospects, or simply satisfy their desire to learn something new. The array of possibilities includes; Teaching language, or English as a second language, basic skills training, teaching on vocational courses such as apprenticeships, foundation degrees and BTEC and delivering the training for specific professional qualifications.

Training provider’s work with a global network of professional training companies, employers and academic institutions who deliver quality- assured training and accredited qualifications. There approach to delivering these lessons can be very open and flexible, with you having the choice of online delivery and e learning, classroom based lessons, on site learning or a mix of all of these.

Recent results from a new analysis of Ofsted have shown that training providers are out performing FE Colleges and employers in inspections.

The analysis, carried out by the Association of Employment and Learning Providers (AELP), shows that in 2013/14, 65 per cent of ITPs gained grades 1 (outstanding) or 2 (good) compared to 61 per cent of FE colleges and 40 per cent of employer providers.

However, FE colleges outperformed ITPs in the top grade, with 6 per cent rated as outstanding compared to 2 per cent of ITPs.

The trend is repeated in other categories too. For example, in teaching and learning 68 per cent of ITPs gained grades 1 and 2 compared to 62 per cent of FE colleges and 47 per cent of employer providers.



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