As if the general stresses of being a teacher aren’t bad enough, you also have the pressure of wanting students to carry on with subjects throughout GCSE and A levels. For many students, it can be a difficult decision to decide which subjects to take during their GCSE’s and A-Levels knowing that it can affect which degree you can then do at University. The most popular choices year after year for many students being English, Maths, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Economics and Geography. These are the most diverse subjects available in order to still have time to change your mind on what degree you will chose.

For many teachers it can be a daunting time to see how many students decide to take their subject or even carry on with their A-levels at all, with each subject having a target to reach on student numbers. Teachers may feel the need to push the advantages of their subjects when it comes to choosing time for the students. It is becoming increasingly harder for students to stand out from the crowd to gain a place within university, with many students deciding to take more academically challenging subjects which they may not have considered in the first instance.

There has been a significant rise in the number of students taking Maths and Science as they know these are key to securing a good place at university. STEM subjects are also what future employers are desperately seeking, as having a strong science and technology sector is essential for the economic health and wellbeing of the country and is needed in a vast majority of careers.

There has been a dramatic fall in the number of students taking modern foreign languages, with this then resulting in a record low of language degrees being chosen at university. Numbers of undergraduates on full-time modern foreign language courses is now at it’slowest point in a decade. Students could be deciding against languages as they see them as irrelevant and do not see how they could benefit their career?

It is inevitable that English, Math’s and Science will always be the most popular option for students when deciding their A Levels; this could be because they are compulsory during their GCSEs and they have grown accustomed to learning the subjects, but also because they are also the subjects a lot of employers look for on a CV.



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