There is a lot more pressure now on students in schools than there ever has been. This could be because schools now have annual targets on results day and teachers are under a lot more pressure from both government and head teachers to increase grades year on year.

Students are now made to believe that their own economic future and independence is wholly reliant on educational performance, which is a lot of pressure for some students to deal with.

Do teachers think this kind of pressure instills a good work ethic and motivation in students?

A survey by the NUT (National Union of Teachers) found that;

96% of teachers do not think the tests have been a positive experience for pupils

70% say they are not consistent with the curriculum

90% do not believe they provided new information about pupils

87% do not believe they will lead to improved pupil attainment

87% said the tests have impacted negatively on pupil stress levels.

Owen Hathway, NUT Policy Officer, said the feedback was ‘very concerning’ and showed teachers were not convinced on the current systems put in place by the government. Teachers have seen that tests have a negative impact on pupils’ engagement and have also seen complications with parents as a result of this initiative.

It’s easy to see how students can be stressed while at school, with many added pressures such as regular exams and constant changes to the curriculum each year. With proven statistics showing that students do not benefit from constant tests and the pressure of expectations from their teachers or parents, it’s debatable as to whether this system is benefitting students at all?

Teachers in England are seeing unprecedented levels of school- related anxiety, stress and mental health problems among pupils of all age groups and abilities; particularly around test or exam time.

Are students put under too much pressure throughout school? Yes, and as a result of this pressure students then start to think of themselves as a test score and they lose sight of the actual purpose of going to school: to learn.



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