There have been many changes in recent years regarding giving children more responsibility for their own education. As a result more and more schools are requesting that students attend their parents’ evening in order to hear the feedback directly, rather than through their parents.

Taking your child to parents’ evening is an important way of encouraging them to be more involved in their own education and hearing any targets or expectations their teachers may have for them. It is important for the student to hear this directly so they are aware that both their parents and teachers have certain standards they would like them to meet and there will be no excuses.

In order for students to feel comfortable within school there needs to be a relationship between the teacher, the parents and the student. It is important that the lines of communication are kept open between all three. This is particularly appropriate for teachers as they spend a lot of their working week with the student so its important to be able to speak to them directly about their achievements or any issues they have had in class.

One advantage of having students attend their own parent’s evenings is if the teacher has any issues they would like resolved. It can be difficult to explain this to parents and for them to relay information back to the student, without giving the student a chance to be able to justify any behavior or defend themselves. This yet again helps them to take responsibility of their actions.

There are negatives to having students attend parents evening, one being that teachers may be reluctant to be brutally honest with parents as they know it could have a negative impact on the student and their overall standard of work and motivation.

One of the most significant advantages of students attending their own parents’ evening is that the student can air any issues they may feel uncomfortable mentioning in class or in front of their peers.



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