For many teachers using a recruitment company to help them find either temporary or permanent work is an option that they wouldn’t consider. Whether this is because they prefer to do it themselves, or they feel that agency CV’s are over looked by schools or because some school do not like to work with agencies. However, there are many advantages of using a recruitment agency to help you find your perfect job!

Recruitment agencies have access to thousands of schools that they can contact on behalf of yourself, they narrow down the search for you which ultimately saves you time as being a teacher you wont have a lot of spare time to search through all jobs advertised.

Although some schools do not use recruitment agencies when they have vacancies, the majority relies on recruitment agencies to help fill vacancies that they can’t through referral or adverts. Schools use an agency when suitable candidates are scarce or they want to outsource the full process. Agents can benefit job searchers as they can have a good appraisal of the job market in an area or specialism. If certain schools outsource their recruitment in full then applying through an agent could be a teacher’s only option. By outsourcing the process schools save time and this can be more cost effective and ultimately of benefit to pupils. Schools more often than not will also always use agents to fill temporary contracts due to time constraints and the unpredictable nature of supply requirements.

Recruitment consultants will generally have pre existing relationships with schools as they will have been communicating over a period of time. It is worth noting that these relationships can be positive or unhealthy, much like any business relationship. Should an agent have the expected positive relationships, they can be of value to teachers by recommending them or matching them to the best vacancies and schools for them. They can also speed up the recruitment process using their own trusted status as leverage.

Recruitment agencies are there to take the hassle away from job searching for candidates by arranging interviews for candidates for suitable vacancies. They can facilitate the application process by providing advice on your CV or application and by helping you through the interview process. Handling 1000s of candidates and 100s of interviewees per year will lend them some expertise and guile when it comes to preparation. They are essentially the middlemen working for both the school and the teacher themselves; there to take away any hassle and make the process as quick and easy as possible for both parties.

Another great asset to working with a recruitment agent is that they can help negotiate you the best package available. Often there is a feeling that an interview or application can be soured by approaching the ‘money conversation’ wrongly. Removing this from the equation by working with a middleman should help; you can be honest about your requirements and should receive an honest appraisal of what to expect. It can also be difficult for teachers to find out all the information for a job without coming across as pushy. However, a consultant should help with this as it is also in their best interest to paint the most complete picture of the job role a teacher is undertaking as this ultimately leads to all parties being happy.

In summary, there are lots of great reasons to work with a recruitment consultant. The key is to understand the benefits and then maximise your use of them. Look out for our upcoming article on questions to ask your agent and key things to do when you start your search!



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