So you’ve been offered an interview for a job you’re really interested in, however there’s one catch – it’s a Skype interview! You will not doubt be apprehensive about having this interview as you might not have had one before and start to ask yourself questions; How does that even work? Do I treat it as any normal interview? Where do you hold the Skype interview? If the idea of having a Skype interview fills you with dread, now is the time to embrace it! There are many positives to having a Skype interview which we will discuss within this article.

Skype interviews are an example of how interviews have changed over the last few years. Although the idea of conducting an interview over video chat with someone you have never met can be daunting, you have to look at the positive side that you can be in the comfort of your own home which will make you feel less stressed and seem more at ease.

Video interviews are becoming more common with larger companies now, as it can be an easier and more convenient method of communicating with candidates.

Although the format of the interview isn’t the same, you should treat it the same as any other interview such as dressing accordingly, being prepared and practicing.

For any interview you should always dress accordingly, this should be done unless the company have stated otherwise, it might feel ridiculous getting into a suit for a video interview but they haven’t decided on a video interview for your ease and comfort, it is for their convenience, you need to remember this!

Make sure you find a good place for the camera, against a plain white wall would be best for the background, as this will deter from any distractions.

Although it might seem strange having a video interview with someone you haven’t met, try to remain as natural as possible – practice is fundamental.

Use a good camera and microphone for your interview, they have chosen this format as they want it to do be as close to meeting you as possible so they want to hear and see you properly. Choose a quiet environment to hold the interview – you don’t want to be distracted by anything or have them hear unnecessary noises in the background.

In order to make sure everything runs smoothly for your interview, hold a practice video interview with a friend; check your camera and microphone are working and the quality of everything is good. Then you are good to go!


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