Developing a rewarding culture beyond salaries and benefits is key to retaining the talent that makes your business tick. It can be inexpensive and is key to developing strong relationships with your people.

1. Structure clear and concise work related goals, and just as importantly, communicate what the reward will be. Set up a daily or weekly email and get a chart up on the wall. Inject some humour to promote engagement! In the past I’ve taken staff to the races, go karting, fine dining, clay pigeon shooting – I’ve even organised a surprise Masterchef style competition – think outside the box!

2. Empower your staff to choose their own rewards, select an organiser based on performance or seniority or just rotate it to give everyone a go. Organising in house keeps creativity flowing, performance up and avoids unnecessary fees to mediocre team building events.

3. Keep the reward relative to the goal achieved. Set the budget based on the value it has added to your business. A big win should be a memorable event. Small rewards often for small wins maintains a buzz in the office.

4. Participate in every reward. You should be synonymous with the reward as you’re the business leader handing it out – taking a half day or evening to do an activity with your staff will help you form strong bonds, plus it’ll be fun for you too!

5. Rewards don’t have to be company wide. Has your newbie just passed his trial period or done some impressive work? Take him/her down to the pub, put your card behind the bar and get some drinks in. Make it more special by taking him/her out of the office half an hour early and ask others to join when they’re finished work. It doesn’t have to be drinks, it can be a business lunch on a Friday, cake in the office or simply a high five. Make it visible and be happy about it!

Every industry is different; look out for articles soon about developing metrics for goal setting!


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